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A graduate of Oakland School for the Arts, Bianca (BB) Brown has grown up surrounded by music. While at OSA, she was vocally trained in various genres including R&B, musical theater, jazz, and classical music. She took what she learned there and combined it with her natural ear for music to teach herself piano.


Outside of singing and piano, BB gained an affinity to beat-boxing, composing, arranging, voice impressions, and production. Up until May 2022, she took her craft seriously and self-produced and played every instrument on her first project, a 5 track EP titled "Is Anybody Home?"


BB has performed at various venues around the Bay Area, including Oakland City Hall, The Fox Theater, and at the top of Salesforce Tower. She is currently doing shows with community based organizations around the Bay Area, private events, and Sofar Sounds.


Whether she is performing covers or songs she’s written herself, BB believes in the power of sound to heal & relate to her listeners. She uses music to communicate and understand the world around her.

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